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Symposium videos, part one!

That’s right – the videos from the May 15-16 Montreal symposium are now ready to go! Here’s the first bunch – bear with me here, this is going to be a bit of a long post. More videos to follow shortly!

Stuart Myiow gives the “words that come before all else”:

Geoff Garver introduces the symposium:

Peter G. Brown summarizes what’s wrong with the world today:

The Governance panel:

Which takes us to the lunch break, I think? More videos to follow!

Update: Sorry, didn’t realize there was another one for the Governance panel:


Videos – at last!

Okay, I have finally learned how to post Vimeo videos to this blog – huzzah! The following two videos are from our May symposium in Montreal. The first is Thomas Lovejoy, Biodiversity Chair at the Heinz Center for Science, Economics, and the Environment. The second is Laurie Michaelis of the Living Witness Project. Laurie is presenting by audio linkup from the UK, because he has eschewed flying due to its high environmental impact. (Although if this thing ever becomes commercially viable, maybe we’ll get him over here someday.) Enjoy the videos, and watch for more coming soon!

Elsewhere on the internets…

Just a quick note today: I want to give you folks out in blogland a quick rundown of all the other ways you can get in touch with the Moral Economy Project.

– On Twitter, we are @moraleconomy – come follow us!
– We have a discussion board on WiserEarth, where we’re posting all the material from our May symposium, among other things. We invite everyone to sign up and contribute to the discussion.
– We are on Facebook – you need to be signed in to your Facebook account for this link to work, I think.
– Our website, which is probably how most of you got here in the first place, is

Finally, several people have contacted me about the Quaker Institute for the Future website, so: yes, we know it was down, but it is now back.


I was trying to post a new video from our May 15-16 symposium this morning, but unfortunately it looks like WordPress doesn’t allow embedded Vimeo videos. Stay tuned and I’ll try to make it work. Meanwhile, here’s the one video from the symposium that’s on YouTube instead: Bill McKibben, head of, in a pre-recorded address to the symposium:

Thanks again to everyone who attended!

Robert Howell interviewed on GreenPlanetFM

Dr. Robert Howell, CEO of the Council for Socially Responsible Investment in New Zealand, talks about Right Relationship and the need for a whole earth economy on GreenPlanetFM in New Zealand (click to listen). Robert Howell is one of the five authors of the book.

“At the [Montreal] seminar, and at various other symposiums that I’ve been at, people say, well, this idea of a world federation and so on is a pipe dream. And my argument is, no, there have been very major changes to the world order of this kind that have been made. At the end of the First World War, five empires went out of existence. At the end of the Second World War, Bretton-Woods was imposed on us by the Americans which established the international economic model that we have been living with. It established the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and so on. It established a model of which growth was a fundamental premise. And that rewrote the world order. So there are times where these major structural changes occur, but they occur at times of great crisis. And there’s a quote in the book for which I’ll take credit, which is that you should never waste a good crisis, because when you have a real decent crisis, the unthinkable becomes thinkable.”


Hi everyone! My name is Grace, and this is the blog of the Moral Economy Project, a program of the Quaker Institute for the Future. We’re a Montreal-based Quaker environmental group, focused on ways to divert the economic system from its current, ruinous course into one that works for humanity and the rest of the planet alike.

One of our main guiding tenets is taken from Aldo Leopold: “A thing is right when it tends to increase the integrity, resilience and beauty of the commonwealth of life. It is wrong when it tends otherwise.”

So far, the Moral Economy Project has focused on two main efforts. The first was the writing of a book, Right Relationship: Building a Whole Earth Economy, by Peter G. Brown and Geoffrey Garver. This book describes some basic principles of a “whole earth economy”, poses some questions about how such an economy should operate, and makes suggestions for global institutions to support it. You can see reviews of the book on Amazon, or on the Moral Economy Project website.

Our second major project was hosting a symposium on the topic of “Bringing the Economy in Line with Ecology”, in Montreal on May 15-16, 2009. It was very well attended, and we thank all our presenters and participants. We will shortly be posting video clips both here and on our website.

We plan to update regularly in the next few months with video footage, radio interviews with Geoff and Peter and the other authors of Right Relationship, and other items as we get them. Stick around for the next exciting phase of this project!