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Symposium videos, part one!

That’s right – the videos from the May 15-16 Montreal symposium are now ready to go! Here’s the first bunch – bear with me here, this is going to be a bit of a long post. More videos to follow shortly!

Stuart Myiow gives the “words that come before all else”:

Geoff Garver introduces the symposium:

Peter G. Brown summarizes what’s wrong with the world today:

The Governance panel:

Which takes us to the lunch break, I think? More videos to follow!

Update: Sorry, didn’t realize there was another one for the Governance panel:


Elsewhere on the internets…

Just a quick note today: I want to give you folks out in blogland a quick rundown of all the other ways you can get in touch with the Moral Economy Project.

– On Twitter, we are @moraleconomy – come follow us!
– We have a discussion board on WiserEarth, where we’re posting all the material from our May symposium, among other things. We invite everyone to sign up and contribute to the discussion.
– We are on Facebook – you need to be signed in to your Facebook account for this link to work, I think.
– Our website, which is probably how most of you got here in the first place, is

Finally, several people have contacted me about the Quaker Institute for the Future website, so: yes, we know it was down, but it is now back.