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More video!

We’ve got a great new video of Peter G. Brown speaking to the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco. It’s a bit long, but well worth it. For anyone who wants a fairly concise explanation of what’s wrong with the global financial system and what we at the Moral Economy Project think should be done to fix it, this is the video you should watch.

Once again, WordPress is being stupid about letting me insert videos into my post, so: to view the video, please click here. I apologize for the clunkiness. I’m still waiting for WordPress to reply to my first request for help on this.

Oh, and on a completely different note, this is sort of cool: an iPhone app that tells you when fruit and vegetables are in season, to help you buy local. Not having an iPhone, I can’t really evaluate this one myself, but if anyone out there has bought it, I’d love to hear from you.



So this is interesting: GreenPrint. It’s a software add-on that checks your printouts for waste pages, like those legal disclaimers, logo pages, blank pages with nothing but a URL on them, etc., that often show up when you print from the web. It makes suggestions for which pages might be wasted, so that you can remove them from the print job before it starts. You can also remove images and banner ads from webpage printouts. GreenPrint also works with Word documents.

The Windows XP/Vista version is free; the Mac version seems to be a 30-day trial. There’s a PDF writer included, which is handy if you want to make PDFs of webpages with banner ads removed. GreenPrint runs in your system tray, so it’s on in the background all the time.

The software can tell you how many pages you’ve saved in total since you started using it. They have a counter on their website showing how many pages, trees and pounds of CO2 have been saved by their product – if these are accurate statistics, that means the downloaded software is tracking printouts and sending that information back to them. So depending on what your privacy concerns are, that’s something to keep in mind.

Anyways, it’s a neat idea. We try to reduce paper waste around this office as much as possible – we only buy recycled paper, and we do all our for-internal-use printing on blank-on-one-side pages that I salvage from the photocopy room at the university library. But anything that cuts it down further is very handy. I’ll let you know if I have any problems with this program.

(found via the SFWA’s Writer Beware blog)