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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

What am I thankful for?









Interviews ahoy!

Two more interviews to post. Once again, can’t embed most players here (although big thanks to Nettie for telling me how to embed Vimeo video) so you have to click through. Sorry for the 1995-style clunkiness.

September 24: Geoff Garver on the Montel Across America radio show. I don’t know if there’s a way to auto-cue the player (little help, anyone?) so you have to scroll across to about minute 77 to get to where Geoff’s bit starts.

September 30: Peter Brown on Earthbeat. Special show about the recent Pacific disasters.

We’re a regular media blitz, we are.

To everything, a season

The gardening season is drawing inexorably to a close. Frost warnings in the Townships mean my tomatoes are probably almost done, and it’s time to start picking crabapples for jelly and cheering on my pumpkins in the likely-vain hope that they’ll be big enough for jack-o-lanterns in a month. So for today’s post, here’s a roundup of some gardening links I thought were particularly in the spirit of the Moral Economy Project.

Why Gardening Will Help End the Recession: Mike Lieberman at Focus Organic talks about how urban gardening is worth more than its dollar value.

Lure of the Urban Veggie Garden: On a more industrial scale, Wally Satzewich rents yard space from urban Saskatechewanians for intensive small-plot farming.

National Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement Could Harm Local, Family-scale and Organic Growers: On a less positive note, an article at Cornucopia discusses how a proposed marketing agreement in the US could drive up costs for small farmers without actually improving food safety.

Let’s Outgrow the Lawn: An opinion piece by Eva Reimer about the wasteful nature of suburban landscaping.

Ten Things You Can Do To Start a Community Garden: From Rebecca Hart at The Nation, the title says it all.

Finally, Battle Zone’s Lethal Harvest: From Titus Peachey at the Philadelphia Inquirer, a Mennonite activist urges Obama to protect gardeners worldwide by signing cluster bomb treaty.

MEP loves the Discovery Channel

In the spirit of No Impact Man‘s recent post about reasons to love the planet, here’s my feel-good moment of the week:

Don’t say I never gave you folks nuthin’.