Eco-economics For Dinosaurs


Three hours’ sleep last night and there’s a road crew banging a bloody jackhammer outside my office window. Don’t ask me how the middle of a rainstorm is a good time to do roadwork. Also, the average temperature for December 3 is supposed to be -3 C, in which case it would be snowing and I would be happy; it is currently +5 and raining. If my future biographers decide someday to chronicle my descent into madness, this would be a good place to start.

So, I feel a roundup of environmental humour is in order today, seeing as the alternative is me banging my head against my desk to stay awake. Let’s see what my entirely work-related web-surfing has turned up that I am finding hilarious in my current exhausted state:

Dinosaur comics woohoo! “Can we scientifically prove that people are wrong for getting mad at me for saying life is worth like twenty bucks? It grows in crusty milk, it is like the most free thing ever!”

The Stephen Harper “Anywhere But Copenhagen” Photo Challenge! Where would Stephen Harper rather be than Copenhagen? User-submitted photos; not as rude as you might expect! (Although I have a feeling the Liberals may be censoring NSFW entries.)

Captain Planet! Remember Captain Planet? It’s almost not worth making fun of, really. The thing that bothered me about it when I was a kid (well, one of the things, aside from LeVar Burton’s Extremely Variable Accent and the fact that the South American kid never got to do anything) was that the evil polluters never seemed to have any actual motive beyond just wanting to destroy stuff. Because they were eeeevil. If the point was to teach kids about environmentalism, then their utter failure to link pollution to the lifestyle choices probably being made by most of their viewers’ families was unhelpful at best. Granted, it was a kids’ show, but so was Batman (I mean the Paul Dini and Bruce Timm series, obviously) and they managed to have some pretty nuanced villains.

– By which I mean, of course, noted eco-terrorist Ra’s al-Ghul (does that apostrophe look misplaced to anyone else? cause it’s not, actually) and if there’s anyone you’d think I could find some sort of humourous website about, it’d be him, but apparently I can’t. Although he does have a LinkedIn profile. “View Ra’s al-Ghul’s professional profile on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the world’s largest business network, helping professionals like Ra’s al-Ghul discover each other.” Huh.

This right here is the kind of thing that made me decide not to go into science.

Biodegradable balls – whatever, this is a blog I rather like in general.

– And finally, You Might Be An Economist If… at StandUpEconomist.

Now I’m going to take a nap under my desk.


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