To everything, a season

The gardening season is drawing inexorably to a close. Frost warnings in the Townships mean my tomatoes are probably almost done, and it’s time to start picking crabapples for jelly and cheering on my pumpkins in the likely-vain hope that they’ll be big enough for jack-o-lanterns in a month. So for today’s post, here’s a roundup of some gardening links I thought were particularly in the spirit of the Moral Economy Project.

Why Gardening Will Help End the Recession: Mike Lieberman at Focus Organic talks about how urban gardening is worth more than its dollar value.

Lure of the Urban Veggie Garden: On a more industrial scale, Wally Satzewich rents yard space from urban Saskatechewanians for intensive small-plot farming.

National Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement Could Harm Local, Family-scale and Organic Growers: On a less positive note, an article at Cornucopia discusses how a proposed marketing agreement in the US could drive up costs for small farmers without actually improving food safety.

Let’s Outgrow the Lawn: An opinion piece by Eva Reimer about the wasteful nature of suburban landscaping.

Ten Things You Can Do To Start a Community Garden: From Rebecca Hart at The Nation, the title says it all.

Finally, Battle Zone’s Lethal Harvest: From Titus Peachey at the Philadelphia Inquirer, a Mennonite activist urges Obama to protect gardeners worldwide by signing cluster bomb treaty.


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